Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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DigitalPlus.Africa | The Internet Company

DigitalPlus.Africa is a Web Design, Hosting, and Internet company, founded in July 2017 in South Africa, with clients across the continent of Africa. In July 2017, DigitalPlus Africa was started as a virtual ISP that specialises in domain registration, email and web hosting in South Africa.

The business grew in client and service delivery, to start offering web design, web and mobile app development in partnership with developers trained by the founders, and within their countries in Africa. Today, on its servers, DigitalPlus.Africa hosts small, medium, large-scale, and multinational companies in over fifty industries, across the continent of Africa.

DigitalPlus.Africa is a subsidiary of Kupa Creative Group (Pty) Ltd, together with GetAProfile.Africa, and The Promoter SA.
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